Gianni Pietrobon


I have been an architect Gianni Pietrobon for quite some time now. In my professional career I have dealt with the various aspects involved in designing and building in the broadest sense of the terms.
Happily married to Alessandra, I have four children, Giacomo, Niccolo, Riccardo and Elena. During my free time besides taking care of my granddaughters, I enjoy reading, and my favorite topics are outside of any reference to professional activity.
Noir and mystery particularly involve me, and the two authors whose works I have read almost all of are Ken Follett and Andrea Camilleri. I like sports and the one I practice assiduously is "couch diving," although occasionally, with children or friends, some skiing, bike riding or swimming in the pool I still manage to do.
As part of my volunteer work, I am on the list of Legal Guardians of Minors of the Veneto Region, and I have been involved in the guardianship of two minors and a third is still in progress.