593 STUDIO believes in the future, a future built through patient daily work made of research, experimentation, skills, mistakes and small goals, humbly and respectfully following those who have worked with passion, love and patience before us

Living, Keeping, Working, Sharing, are the keywords that guide the reference markets in which 593 Studio operates thanks to an agile and dynamic disciplinary ecosystem, capable of contaminating the various operating areas in a constant process of cross fertilization in order to offer services and solutions in line with the highest market standards. This approach allows us to offer high value-added services, guaranteeing our customers complete coverage in technical, financial, managerial and organizational fields, integrating in a single subject all the factors of complexity that characterize a project today, at any scale.

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593 STUDIO works with public administrations, SMEs, listed companies, private individuals in Italy and abroad, pursuing the continuous improvement of its services and the quality standards with which they are provided, always placing relational and collaborative factors at the center both with client and with all the subjects involved in the various phases of each order. We embrace technology as a factor of continuous discovery, as the result of an always imperfect, constantly changing research, as an opportunity, trying to interpret it for its being a tool and not the ultimate goal.
The 593 STUDIO team roots its experience in over 15 years of activity in Italy and abroad, through integrated multidisciplinary experiences, which develop in the phases of conception, organization and operational management of complex orders.
“Go and repair my house which, as you see, is in ruins” ff 593"

Michele Sbrissa

Architect I CEO

Federico Bernardi

Engineer I CTO

Riccardo Stradiotto

Certified Public Accountant I CFO

Thorsten Klooster

Partner I R&D Manager

Gianni Pietrobon


Luca Genesin

Architect I Interiors Manager

Emanuele Baggio


Sara Ferro

Doctor of Law I Legal Manager

Alberto Simioni


Anna Disarò


Aurora Pizziolo


Raffaele Villano


Andrea Gavagnin


We are a Benefit Society

"593 STUDIO SRL was born as a Benefit Corporation, among the first in Italy in the field of professional services, or in line with the choice to be aware actors of our contemporaneity, towards an ecosystem of increasingly sustainable relationships oriented towards what we contribute to daily create. We believe in a resilience made up of details, beauty and excellence. We believe we have to give back to others a portion of what we are able to generate, not only in economic terms but also in a cultural, ethical and environmental perspective. 593 STUDIO intends to pursue purposes of common benefit and operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way within the reference environmental, social and economic ecosystem."