Convent of San Francesco in Treviso, New spaces for hospitality

A small sign of coherence and charity. 593 Studio, on the initiative of the Friars Minor Conventual of Treviso, brought together a team of companies that will finance, with works and in cash, the redevelopment of a reception space, a small apartment located in the context protected by the convent of San Francesco, a place that has hosted charitable initiatives aimed at the local community since the 1980s.

However, the events of the last decade had made the functionality of these spaces precarious, today, with the support of local companies, this small sign will once again be a reference point for the citizens of Treviso and beyond, under the wise and open management of the community of the Friars Minor Conventual. A totally renovated mini-apartment suitable for accommodating no more than three people, functionally autonomous and flexible enough to offer multiple usage scenarios over time. The intervention will be carried out with the contribution of: Telebit spa, Itieffe srl, Tieffe srl, 593Studio.