Architecture is the meeting place between spaces and people, generator of places to live, work, share, play.

The dream takes shape, accompanying the customer in every aspect (design, budget, regulations), in a creative and sustainable way.

Memory, materials and construction techniques intertwine to create an authentic project with a unique and incomparable charm

Analysis and classification of needs according to the historical phase of the Company and its needs, with turnkey delivery.

Participatory planning, BIM and regulatory competence, aimed at the common good.

We work with public administrations, SMEs, listed companies and private clients in Italy and abroad always keeping in mind our values and mission

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Consulting paths made of multidisciplinary skills, centrality of the customer and his needs, continuous innovation.

Real Estate

Sustainable Real Estate & Asset Management

Financial and asset analysis and planning for the implementation of short-medium-long term real estate investment strategies, property valuation and their redevelopment, definition of investment scenarios with qualified partners in Italy and abroad. Legal and contractual support in extraordinary operations.
Energy audits on building of any scale and type, feasibility studies for the energy and architectural redevelopment of buildings (over 200 cases surveyed as of '22), EGE energy management experts, Breeam and Leed protocol experts.
Operational presence, with a local network of collaborators in Italy, Germany, England, Portugal and Spain.

Building Analysis

Building Survey & Technical Analysis

Over 60,000 laser scans with fixed, mobile and drone stations performed with interventions of particular relevance in historical and monumental contexts. Use of classic and innovative techniques of photogrammetry, 3D modeling, design and implementation according to the BIM protocol, generation of interactive virtual tours also with Digital Twin implementation in industrial contexts.
Expertise in the creation and evaluation of non-invasive analyzes through thermography, ground penetrating radar, load tests, fiber sensing.

Participatory Planning

Participatory Planning & Project Management

Creation and management of decision-making and strategic paths through conflict management techniques and shared elaboration of scenarios. Diversified experience in managing multidisciplinary working groups in public, corporate and community contexts.
Support for the definition of real estate, technological and financial strategies of companies facing Change Management paths, extraordinary acquisitions, generational transfer, reorganization of production and logistics chains.

Interior Design

Interior: to provide for the necessary, to take care of, to adorn. Attention to detail in every executive phase of the construction site up to the conception and creation of scenarios in which materials, colours, shapes and sensations translate into the objects and volumes that populate the inhabited space of domestic environments, work spaces and the community. Consolidated collaboration with historic design partners and brands, a network of artisans and companies that represent the excellence of Made in Italy, this is the baggage that we make available to our customers.