593 Studio & Telebit SPA @ Amsterdam

The first stage of an exciting project for our entire team. Sometimes we meet clients with whom we immediately create a special alchemy, a balance where trust is reciprocal and we start working together, as we should always do , from the construction of a common base of knowledge, in which different skills, sensations, tastes, styles, objectives, desires, imaginaries merge.

This happened with the design tour that 593 conducted for Telebit spa. Three days in Amsterdam together with the CEO and CTO of the Treviso-based company, leader in the TELCO sector for one of the most important stages of the consultancy process that will lead to the definition of the design scenarios for the new company headquarters. An activity lasting about 4 months in which 593 and Telebit shared guided tours, seminars, workshops in various workplaces which in various ways represent good practices from an architectural, relational and managerial point of view, in order to orient sustainable and tailored the customer’s choices towards the project of his new home, in the place that will welcome over 400 collaborators together with partners and suppliers for the next few years.