Commercial building
in the agricultural landscape

This commercial building, the result of a complex and articulated design process, including urban planning, starts from established concepts of reinforced concrete prefabrication and plays with the concept of the interior patio, generating the final image of the "shed with a hole," a volume excavated from the inside, in a double-height relationship with the underground parking lot, above which floats the raw, brutalist volume of the commercial space.

The space that is generated is totally introverted, denies a low-value context, faces the commercial street to the south of the intervention basically defining a huge front available for advertising messages, leaving any added material and compositional value to the inside-outside relationship of the glazed interior patio. The exterior technical elements (stairs, escape routes, ramps) are emphasized and highlighted by the use of rough galvanized metal sheets that enhance the building's overall bare and minimal image






Commercial building


Pavin s.r.l.


593 Studio – Fram_menti

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