The design and multidisciplinary experience of 593 Studio is constantly measured not only with private clients, but also with public ones.

An example is the recovery project of the former convent of S. Chiara and the Redentore of Castelfranco Veneto, or the result of a competition announced by the Municipality of which the group, coordinated by the architect Michele Sbrissa, was the winner. It is a complex just outside the Walls, which since its late sixteenth-century origins has accompanied the city in its social, urban and cultural vicissitudes. The morphology of the convent has come down to the present day very different from the original layout.

The cloistered area and the small church have been the subject of innumerable actions, including expansions, elevations and demolitions. Furthermore, the complex has changed many uses over the centuries: from a convent it became a barracks, a horse stable, a hospital, a home for the elderly, a shooting range, until it was completely abandoned in the early 2000s.
The project was drawn up by a multidisciplinary team that followed a rigorous process of historical, stratigraphic and iconographic reconstruction, collecting data and proposing alternative recovery and development scenarios for the area, modulating conservation factors with market needs, respect for the traces architectural features of a faded but central path in the urban history of the city.
The outcome was a recovery plan that obtained the go-ahead from all the bodies in charge, dimensioning a plan of interventions with specific operating schedules differentiated for the various functional areas of the compendium, proposing functions and architectural suggestions capable of communicating with the past and project into the contemporary.
The objective that has accompanied the project since its preliminary stages has been the hope of returning all the potential of the former convent of the Poor Clares to its city, Castelfranco.






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AEEP – Comune di Castelfranco Veneto


593 Studio – prof. arch. Francesco Doglioni – arch. Gianni Pietrobon – arch. Anna Agostini – arch. Andrea Bressan – arch. Marco Visentin – arch. Ronny Visentin – dott. Alessandro Busca – prof. arch. Rita Occhiuto – dott. Giacinto Cecchetto

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Competent and decisive counseling

Real Estate

Sustainable Real Estate & Asset Management

Analysis and financial and asset planning for the implementation of short-medium-long term real estate investment strategies, real estate valuation and its redevelopment, definition of investment scenarios with qualified partners in Italy and abroad. Legal and contractual support in extraordinary transactions.
Energy diagnoses on building complexes of any scale and type, feasibility studies for energy and architectural upgrading of buildings (over 200 cases surveyed as of '22), energy audits, EGE energy management experts, Breeam and Leed protocol experts.
Operational presence, with local network of collaborators in Italy, Germany, England, Portugal and Spain.

Building Analysis

Building Survey & Technical Analysis

More than 60,000 laser scans with fixed and mobile stations and drones performed with particularly relevant interventions in historical and monumental contexts. Employment of classical and innovative techniques of photogrammetry, 3D modeling, design and implementation according to BIM protocol, generation of interactive life tours also with Digital Twin realization in industrial contexts.
Expertise in the implementation and evaluation of non-invasive analysis through thermography, georadar, load testing, fiber sensing.

Participatory Planning

Participatory Planning & Project Management

Devising and leading decision-making and strategic pathways through conflict management techniques and shared scenario development. Diversified experience in managing multidisciplinary teams in public, corporate community settings.
Support in defining real estate, technological and financial strategies of companies facing paths of change management, extraordinary acquisitions, generational transition, reorganization of production and logistics chains.

Interior Design

Furnishing: providing for the necessary, taking care, adorning. Attention to detail in every executive phase of the construction site up to the conception and realization of scenarios in which materials, colors, shapes and sensations are translated into the objects and volumes that populate the inhabited space of domestic environments, work spaces and the community. Established collaboration with partners and historical brands of design, a network of craftsmen and companies that represent the excellence of made in italy, this is the baggage that we provide to our customers.

Other realizations in the PUBLIC sector