Chilesotti’s Palace


2017 – on going


Thiene, Vicenza


Urban restoration and redevelopment


Ater Vicenza


593 Studio – Ing. Steven Gallina

The urban and architectural restoration project of Palazzo Chilesotti in Thiene (VI), commissioned by the ATER of Vicenza, is confronted with an extremely important artefact in the historical structure of the city of Vicenza. The original layout of the complex dates back to the end of 1500 and has always been a place of handicrafts (besides the production of saltpetre for making gunpowder). It is located inside the crossroads between the Roggia di Thiene and the Rozzola stream, known as the Conca.

The development up to 1800 saw the extension of the building structure, in particular with the Chilesotti Palace, which is characterised by a particular typological layout, internal pictorial decorations and the use of stone materials that expressly determine its noble-commercial value. The courtyard with the adjacent buildings covers an area whose historical and urbanistic features are obvious at first sight. It is the outstanding element to which the idea of the project adheres. The renewal of this compendium is determined both by the critical restoration of the buildings of which it is composed and by the microurban potential that characterises it. This has been at the heart of the proposal from the outset shared with the client and the Superintendent, who have followed and supported each phase of the work. The following basic measures are envisaged: the connection of the façade towards Via Chilesotti, which marks the typological and functional separation between the noble structure of the building and the two-storey curtain wall, the definition of a new permeability of the paths from the courtyard to the city and to the nearby waterway, and the proposal of a typological system of low-cost housing with a view to the courtyard as a communal space.

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