Céline Flagship
Store Seoul




Seoul – Corea


Materiali innovativi


Sant’Anselmo spa


593 Studio, Ing. Steven Gallina

The engineering project for the façade of the Céline flagship store in Seoul, South Korea, was a unique challenge for 593 Studio and partners who worked on both the technical modeling and the on-site assembly guidelines for the structure.

The architectural concept of the project describes a self-supporting second skin in face brick, custom-made by Sant'Anselmo Spa, characterized by a full-empty pattern capable of enhancing the interior exterior lighting effect of the entire building. The structural and constructive challenge of maintaining in toto the expected effect, guaranteeing the complete invisibility of the supporting devices and anchoring joints in an installation workflow performed under extremely critical spatial and ligistic conditions, was addressed through an extremely refined 3d modeling and an operational control of every single assembly phase of the structure.

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